Cape Town, South Africa

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 5pm
Friday: 10am - 3pm
Weekends: Closed


WASS - Winter. Autumn. Summer. Spring


WASS is a timeless and refined fashion brand that creates essential pieces for any wardrobe. Our garments are crafted with durability and quality standards in mind to last season after season. We emphasise authenticity and keep individuals' style in mind throughout the design process to complement each authentic self.

We are committed to maintaining a thorough garment inspection with each item leaving the studio is of the highest quality, from start to finish.

The design process, sourcing fabric, pre-washing, handling, and cutting before production runs are all done with consideration and attention to detail.

A closer look at the production line ensures quality, standard, and durability. WASS also upcycles items using off-cuts from production runs to reduce fabric waste.

Our passion for our brand and manufacturing in Cape Town keeps us inspired and proud to be part of the local movement and supporting local brands together, all working towards sustainability - not just in the clothing industry but incorporating this in all lifestyle choices.

 WASS only uses natural ingredients, no testing on animals, no parabens,

    no synthetic artificial flavours and scents, no preservatives.
    Good for the Environment. Good for you.

    The skin requires different elements and care to breathe and heal. WASS
    products support these elements with nourishing oil formulations and
    plant-based scents - taking a slow living approach - emphasising the
    importance to take time to reconnect with purpose to stay present within modern, fast-paced environments.

    The majority of the body care range is unisex, clear, and simple; natural
    healing remedies with holistic guidelines to finding your own balance
    within a modern lifestyle. All products are made locally and fresh -
    each order is hand wrapped and packed with great care and detail.
There is absolutely no rule to which seasonal product to use when each individual is unique. Your skin, your choice of which product gives you the results and benefits that you require.